Bendigo Gov Hub-Galkangu


The Bendigo GovHub is a four-storey customer service and public administration office developed by Icon Fairbrother joint venture in partnership with the City of Greater Bendigo and the Victorian Government. The project involved the construction of an office building, including car park, open plan offices, and public interface, with a capacity to accommodate at least 1,000 staff.

The project incorporates major environmentally sustainable design features, including Victoria’s largest timber frame, efficient indoor air quality systems, solar panels, water, and energy monitoring systems.

Our scope of work involved the steel workshop drawings and timber detailing for intricate non-structural timber features throughout the stairs and walkways. We worked closely with our client Steelwork Bendigo and Icon Fairbrother, alongside Lyons Architects, and Arup Engineering to ensure all workshop drawings met the project’s design requirements and standards. We achieved this through a highly collaborative approach with other major suppliers such as XLAM and Spiire. Our team’s ability to navigate complex details across various domains enabled us to provide high-quality steel and timber detailing solutions that helped to ensure the project’s overall success.


Category/scope: Construction Modelling & Fabrication Drawings for Steel, Timber & Folded Perforated cladding.

Total number of Drawings: 1950

Total Steel Tonnage: 150

Fabricator (Client): Steelwork Bendigo

Builder: Icon Fairbrother joint venture

Architect: Lyons Architects

Engineer: Arup

Timber Supplier: XLAM

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