Beavers Road Bridge


The Warrk-warrk Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that spans the Merri Creek between Beavers Road, Northcote, and Kingfisher Gardens, East Brunswick. The bridge was opened to the public in September 2020, providing a safe, car-free crossing for pedestrians and cyclists.

The bridge spans approximately 76m, with the mast towering close to 30m. Connex Group worked closely with Simpson Construction Co. and Focus Engineering to produce the structural steel and precast floor system workshop drawings. Additionally, we provided details for the temporary substructure that would assist in the installation of each bridge module until the cable stays took up tension.


Construction Modelling & Fabrication Drawings for Steel and Precast floor systems

Total Number of Drawings: 425

Total Steel Tonnage: 89.2

Total Pre-cast Tonnage: 52.8

Fabricator (Client): Focus Engineering and Construction

Builder: Simpson Construction co.

Engineer: Hatch

Developer: City of Darebin

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