Gap Year & Cadetship Program

We at Connex Group are eager to employ local young people who have a passion for the construction industry and an eagerness to learn. We have always grown with our people, starting them from entry level and give them all the opportunities to grow with us. We offer the cadetship program for the following reasons.

The aim of the program is 3 fold;

  • To provide local VCE and TAFE students, who show an interest in visual communications, mathematics, engineering and project management or fabrication an opportunity to experience these industries before following study or taking up a position in these professional streams.
  • To enable Connex Group to fulfill its values by employing locally and providing a pathway for locals in the construction industry.
  • To guarantee supply on entry level positions for the group to ensure continuity of production.

Outcomes anticipated are:

  • A supply of 2 to 3 individuals annually, with entry level positions where they would be trained in accordance with Connex Groups Values and Skill matrix. This would give the individual experience in their industry of choice for over 12 months, with the potential for further casual and fulltime employment during their chosen studies.
  • Provide locals employment options, in the multi-faceted construction industry.
  • Giving Cadets the ability to complete gap year requirements, with the potential of part time employment during their studies, as well as a pathway post study and/or cadetship.
  • Support the local economy.
  • Guarantee Connex has capacity to fulfill its work commitment and supply timely products for our client base. This client base is Steel Fabricators, Engineers, Architects, and Project Managers. Cadets will have exposure to all these facets of the construction industry during their cadetship.

Benefits to Cadets

  • Local employment for local young people.
  • Fulfill Gap year locally with fulltime work.
  • Exposure in the construction industry.
  • Help cadet decide direction of study and career.
  • Receive structured learning in line with TAFE institutes.
  • Ongoing part-time and full-time work during study and post cadetship completion
  • Post study completion career opportunities.

Benefits to Connex Group

  • Supply of entry level positions to meet production capacity.
  • Give opportunities for local young people.
  • Keep up with continuing growth.
  • Creating and maintaining strong relationships with Families and Education providers.

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