Our Team

Introducing some of the key members of our Connex Team.

Kevin Feldtmann – Director / General Manager.

Kevin has over 23 years experience in the industry. He began his business journey starting up Quantech Design with his business partner in 2005. Ten years later he took the next step in creating the new business Connex Group. As the General Manager, Kevin oversees Business Development, Strategic Planning and has a Key Development role in all aspect of the business.

Damian Watson – General Manager of Operations & Technology.

Damian has been part of the Connex team for 10 years. Damian has worked his way from a Junior Detailer through to his current position. In 2018 Damian joined Kevin as a business partner. Damian manages our modelling teams and provides support to our Detailing Team. Damian is also in charge of training and Customization of Tekla Structures to help our team with efficiency and our clients with any project requirements.

Karl Hutchinson – Senior Structural Engineer.

Karl joined Connex Group in 2017 and our Engineering department was started. Our Engineering team now consists of 3 Engineers and a Structural Draftsperson. Karl has just completed work to become a fully Chartered Engineer. With his years of experience he was also made a Fellow of Engineers Australia.

Tim Long – Senior Detail Drafter / Team Lead.

Tim joined Connex Group in 2018 and has become an important part of our detailing team. Tim manages a team of 6 detailers and has developed training manuals and procedures for his team.